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Families bring us all joy. Starting them, nurturing them, caring for them. There are times, though, when worrying for our family’s welfare seems overwhelming. Who do we call for this? Who can advise on that? And when we get the advice we need from one professional, we have to translate it to all of the others advising us!

We are Vested Partners, and we work with families. New ones, mature ones, in-between ones. Traditional families, and non-traditional families. Even better, we cover nearly every corner of a family’s welfare under one roof. We are a husband and wife team providing legal and financial services. We are dedicated to our family, and yours.

We can help you with these problems and more…

We can help you with these problems and more...

Estate Planning

There are many legal strategies involved in estate planning, including wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney, and health care documents.

Financial Planning

Recent research has revealed that the vast majority of a family's wealth is accumulated in the 10 years preceding retirement.

Elder Law

Elder law is another aspect of estate planning, focusing primarily on the needs of families and individuals as they age.


Change is life’s only constant. Sometimes these changes strike without warning. If you or a loved one has experienced a sudden illness or serious accident, you understand how abruptly everything can change.

Financial Services

You only get one financial life, but we’ve assisted hundreds in organizing, implementing and monitoring their financial lives. As insurmountable as your situation may seem, we’ve seen it before…and we’ve helped before.

Insurance Planning

When we talk about investing, family and locally owned Vested Partners A Multi-Family Office spends a great deal of time discussing financial risks.

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