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Building wealth gets complicated.

Tracking it shouldn’t be.

It is inevitable. As a family accumulates wealth, the accounts begin to stack up. Savings, brokerage, Roth IRA, 401(k), 401(k) from a prior employer, 401(k) from the employer before that…

Also, as balances grow so does the variation and complexity of the investments. While we try to build portfolios using relatively simple and transparent products like mutual funds and ETFs, there are times when options strategies or hedge funds or REITs begin to make sense.

Our firm makes use of technologies that allow us to aggregate accounts—even accounts we don’t directly manage—into a single dashboard customized for each client. You log in once and see everything…balances, performance, transactions…everything. Clients can view pricing and research on all investments, even the more obscure ones. And for families wanting to get a handle on household cash flows, we can even link checking, savings and credit card accounts to a robust budgeting tool

We meet with our clients as often as desired to review investments, allocations and performance and to make certain that the strategies we have implemented continue to match their aspirations and concerns. We are also available to provide investment education to the children and grandchildren of our clients so that they are prepared to accumulate their own wealth and, as is often the case, responsibly manage the wealth they stand to inherit.

We want to help you grow your net worth, but we also want to do all we can to assist you in being a good steward of your wealth by simplifying the way you track it.

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