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What kind and how much?

Our goal is not to make you “insurance poor” or offer a tenuous reason why all of your existing insurance needs to be replaced. If what you have is just right, we will gladly tell you so. But how will we know?

Just as we approach investing analytically, we use sophisticated analysis to determine the nature and magnitude of your risk. As part of this exercise, we take into account your current coverage and reasonable assumptions about the future. What happens if your family loses your income because of your death? Or what if you become disabled and the family loses your income while also seeing expenses rise?

If your current coverage is appropriate, we’ll say so. If you’re over-insured, we’ll say so. If you need additional coverage we will explain exactly why, and we will propose an efficient solution that balances benefit with cost.

Similarly, we can recommend types of coverage and insurance strategies that may be unfamiliar to you but which can provide unique solutions for certain households.

There are no reliable “rules of thumb” when it comes to insurance planning. Making good decisions comes from doing the hard work. And that’s our job.

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