On the day before my baby turns 21

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Wasn't I just turning 21 myself?

Tomorrow my baby turns 21.  My oldest child – the one that made me a mom.  She is away at college, and I won’t get to see her.  My strong urge is to drive up there, but I won’t.  I will let her enjoy this young adult milestone as she should – with her young friends.

Earlier this year I turned 50. Over the pandemic, I let my gray hair grow out. My surviving parent died just months ago, and my oldest sibling will turn 65 this year.  This morning I received a facebook ad targeted at “seniors” ages 50 and up.

Getting older is still foreign to me.  When I see myself in a photograph, I still gasp a little at the white hair framing my face.  But with age has come comfort as well.  Gone is the almost crippling anxiety I experienced as a younger professional and mother.  Gone is the constant attention my little children required.  Gone is the job I dreaded going to each day.

In their place a happiness of more financial security and a job that is fulfilling.  A good night’s sleep almost every night.  Children who are both my babies and my friends.

And so to my baby – my daughter whom I still call my baby Rose – Happy Birthday tomorrow!  I will be thinking of you while not driving to Charlottesville, and perhaps humming the tune to “Turn Around You’re Tiny, Turn Around You’re Grown.”

I expect something in my eyes will make them water…


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