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legal dictionary terms

What Legal Terms in Wills Should You Know?

For most people, entering the realm of estate planning can feel a bit like traveling as a tourist into another culture. Because the language itself is unfamiliar, asking a question can result in an answer that is equally confusing.

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Inheritance in a piggy bank

How Should I Handle an Inheritance?

Although you may be excited about the prospect of receiving unexpected money, there are certain financial moves experts say you should make to make sure you’re prepared for that inheritance.

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Multi Generational Family

Biggest Mistakes in Wealth Transfer

We are approaching the biggest wealth transfer ever, as Baby Boomers prepare to hand off their life savings to their heirs. However, will their heirs actually get the full amount of the wealth intended for them…or will a large amount be lost to unnecessary taxes?

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Hand Putting Coin in Piggy Bank

Why Care About Inflation?

Why care about inflation? In the years ahead, inflation will most likely decrease the purchasing power of your money, which means that during retirement, your dollars will buy less than they do today.

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